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Black Head Peel


Black Heads Form...

Blackheads from in the skin follicle when our skin secrete too much sebum, or when the dead skin cells remain on our skin. It can also form due to the increase in P. acne bacteria. When this buildup in the skin reacts with atmospheric oxygen, it turns black, creating a 'black'head.


Removing Blackheads

A common way to remove the blackheads is by using a sticky nose strip that pulls them out. But this method can irritate the skin and does not guarantee complete removal of the blackheads.
A better way is to use the cosmetics that can melt the blackheads, which is less irritating to the skin and can clean much deeper into the pore than usual sticky nose strip.


Natural Ingredients for Pores and Sebum

Ingredients in Black Head Peel are specially selected to control overexcretion of sebum, cleanse the pores, and help kill P. acne bacteria. Black Head Peel not only melts the blackheads, but it can also prevent more blackheads from forming.

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