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PDRN in Cream

PDRN is a popular ingredient used in most skin boosters in South Korea. PDRN has already proven its effectiveness in the skin, but was limited to needle injection for mesotherapy. Mayglory brought PDRN to everyday cream, promoting easy use of PDRN and making sure that everyone understands the benefits of PDRN to the skin.


CICA from Centella asiatica

Majority of the Korean cosmetics provide CICA, or C. asiatica extracts as a main ingredient. C. asiatica extracts are: Asiatic acid, Madecassic Acid, and Asiaticoside. All of them are excellent skin moisturizers and help soothe down the redness and inflammation.


Post Clinical Cream

PDRN CICA Cream can be used for the post-procedure cream after the laser, mesotherapy, plasma or thread lifting sessions. As PDRN CICA Cream has an excellent skin rejuvenation property, it will help the patient recover from the skin treatment much quicker and easier. Mayglory introduces PDRN CICA Cream as a must for the skin clinics.

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